Grupo Boticário is one of the largest franchises in Brazil and the largest in the world in perfumery and cosmetics. With a portfolio of more than 850 products, O Boticário offers complete solutions in cosmetics, makeup and perfumes. The brand is today the leader in the national perfumery market.

Group demonstrated skill in buying media, using advanced Analytics tools.

O Boticário was announced by Google as a prominent company in G-Maturity, an index created in 2019 by the internet giant to stimulate the evolution of digital marketing strategies for large companies.

The perfumery and personal care group was the only Brazilian company to reach the most advanced level of the index, called Multimomento. The achievement was confirmed after Boticário presented evolution in several parameters analyzed in G-Maturity.

Among these criteria is the analysis of marketing campaign results in line with business objectives and metrics. Google also considered that Grupo Boticário demonstrated technological maturity in media buying, using advanced analytics tools, in addition to an integrated view of its consumers’ data, enabling a single strategy in all channels.

“This is the result of a lot of effort and a relentless attitude of the Boticário and Google teams to accelerate this journey of digital transformation, capture the value that new technologies bring to light and make our communication more assertive and relevant”, says Renata Gomide, communication and branding director at Grupo Boticário. “Even with a lot of tradition and more than 40 years of history, we keep the entrepreneurial spirit alive.”

Steps towards digital maturity

The G-Maturity index is calculated from an analysis that considers more than 50 criteria for using Google’s platforms. O Boticário performed well in several specialties, including campaign automation, strategies to align marketing objectives with business results and to unify the user journey across different channels.

G-Maturity was born after a study carried out in Brazil and Europe, in 2018, by Google and the Boston Consulting Group (BCG). The work sought to establish the steps that large companies should go through to reach digital maturity.

“Our goal is to understand how the largest companies in Brazil interconnect data, automate processes and make technology work to improve results”, says Rafael Russo, director of advertising products at Google Brazil. “The survey makes it clear that greater digital maturity brings concrete results, such as more revenue and fewer expenses.”

The index considers four different stages of companies: Springs, Emerging, Connected and Multimoment. At the most advanced stage, the advertiser has a sophisticated level of data usage, with a user-centric view across different channels. According to the study carried out by Google and BCG, companies in Multimoment stage can have a 20% increase in revenue generated by marketing campaigns and a reduction of up to 30% in associated costs.

Americanas S.A. also advances

Another Brazilian company that gained maturity in the retail segment was Americanas S.A., owner of the Americanas, Submarino and Shoptime brands. The company is already in the Connected stage and has been standing out with a high frequency of tests, high page loading speed and the use of machine learning to define audiences.

In the finance area, PicPay, which is also at the Connected level, is the highlight of the index, with evolution in measurement and centralization of media purchases, in addition to having managed to increase the alignment of campaign metrics with its business objectives.