After partnership with EPTV and G1, the company gains visibility and credibility

The company Netafim, born in Israel 50 years ago, went to Brazil 25 years ago with the proposal to innovate the irrigation system used by producers and farmers.

By launching the NetBeat irrigation system, the company headquartered in Ribeirão Preto, together with the Israeli head office, realized the need to increase its visibility in the market to become a reference in intelligent irrigation in Brazil.

NetBeat, a product developed by Netafim, is one of the products aligned with the future and present of agribusiness technology: Agriculture 4.0. It is an intelligent irrigation system that, in addition to irrigating, collects crop, soil and water data, proposing solutions and helping the producer to make more assertive decisions in cultivation, which enhances production by reducing the use of natural resources.

All these news were still very abstract, as the public, even the most specific, did not know the product and did not know the technology involved. Therefore, Netafim developed a campaign to publicize NetBeat and closed a partnership with EPTV Ribeirão and G1 Ribeirão, considering them to be credible communication means where the target audience of the brand is informed, highlights Lucas Dutra, analyst at Netafim Marketing.

“The producer usually reads and obtains information in the G1 and the information makes a difference in his life”.

A joint action was carried out, with commercials aired on Globo Rural and on Jornal Nacional, in parallel to the online campaign of the G1 portal. “The result was surprising, the Netafim Brasil website was the most accessed by the company worldwide during the campaign period.

Access doubled and brought qualified leads to the company. With all the visibility that NetBeat achieved, Netafim became a reference in Irrigation 4.0, being invited to talk about technology in several other media. ”We received more than 130 contacts interested conhecerin knowing and learning more about NetBeat. It was spectacular”, emphasizes Lucas, recalling the result of the first weekend of disclosure with the Pioneer Companies.

Highlighting the main positive points of the joint performance of EPTV and G1, Lucas also highlights the strengthening of the brand and the positioning of the product. “Capturing qualified customers and leads is important. Added to this, we feel that Netafim was very well positioned in the market after this campaign. We managed to reach the entire country and this partnership was fundamental”, he concludes.