Platform has been used to strengthen relationships with companies, stay on top of promotions and listen to other customers.

Many people are choosing to shop online. Since the beginning of the pandemic, this modality has been gaining more and more strength and is one of the trends that should be maintained even when the current crisis is, in fact, under control. Since many consumers use Twitter to gather important information when buying, the platform becomes a tool in boosting business.

A survey conducted by Twitter in Brazil, with Mind Miners data, found that three out of four people who use the platform find useful opinions about brands and/or e-commerce, in addition to 69% saying that the service is a good place to get in touch with brands and/or e-commerce. More than half of people (54%) also declare that they see ads relevant to them on Twitter.

In addition, 84% of people on Twitter believe they have greater access to promotions and discounts through the service (5% more than those who use other platforms). Another advantage is the opinions found on Twitter: 42% of respondents said they see sincere opinions from other customers.

In addition to using Twitter to help them choose their products and get to know the brands better, people also find a communication channel with companies on the platform. The survey also shows that 82% of respondents consider it important to have a customer service on the platform and 74% consider this type of communication on Twitter to be trustworthy.
The survey conducted by Twitter relied on data from MindMiners, which includes a sample of 250 people who use the service and 250 people who don’t, all from Brazil.