Once again Curitiba is highlighted in the world when it comes to innovation and technology. The capital is among the seven smartest cities in the world, a finalist in the international Intelligent Community of the Year award, promoted by the Intelligent Community Forum organization. Curitiba is the first city in South America among the finalists.

The capital of Parana has already been recognized by the ranking in three consecutive years, positioned among the 21 classified. This time, the girl from Paraná is among the seven chosen and will compete in the awards final, which will be held on October 21st.

Also finalists are three Canadian cities, Winnipeg, Langley Township, Mississauga, as well as Binh Duong Smart City in Vietnam, Moscow in Russia and Townsville in Australia.

The award takes into account efficiency in governance actions for economic growth, social health, cultural wealth, innovation ecosystem and job creation, which together, according to the forum, make the city stronger and more prosperous.

Also according to the ICF, Curitiba is highlighted for its vocation in technology, industry, access to Wi-Fi connections throughout the city and use of applications that offer online services, in addition to its efficiency in urban planning, tourist attraction and income generation.

During the event that announced the finalists, Lou Zacharilla, one of the founders of ICF, emphasized that even in a crisis scenario, the nominated cities made progress in inclusion, diversity and economic progress. “Cities are our heroes and the list reflects their aspirations and publicly recognizes them for their hard work,” he said during the conference.