The biggest pop icon in Latin America today, Anitta, started to be part of the Board of Directors of Nubank. As a strategy, the bank should use the singer's social networks, with more than 54 million followers on Instagram, to spread her ideas.

The singer has the function of helping the company to improve its services and products. Joining the biggest and most influential artist in Brazil means relying on her expertise in brand building, as the singer is a successful entrepreneur who used her strategic vision to expand her career globally.

“Anitta has a deep understanding of consumer behavior in these markets that she has been exploring and has a lot of experience in winning marketing strategies. These skills were key to our invitation to the Board. No other advisor has that experience,” says David Vélez, CEO and founder from the company.

In addition, there are signs that the bank wants to reach younger audiences and reach D and E class customers. Anitta’s popularity should help in this mission.

Identification with real stories

The benefit of partnering with a celebrity is bringing in an audience that the company couldn’t reach with its own narrative. Some brands are born with a ‘strong person’ behind them, like Apple with Steve Jobs, for example, but other brands that don’t have that strong persona, or want to expand their repertoire of personas, will approach influential people for this.

As in the case of Nubank and other companies, which took a bigger step and invited celebrities to perform administrative functions and not just as poster boys, the brand’s involvement with the famous is even stronger.

In the case of advertisements, it is more explicit to the consumer that the relationship is purely commercial. It’s a product vision. When we talk about partners and ambassadors, the relationship for the client appears as a relationship of history: the values ​​and principles of one are more closely linked to the values ​​and principles of the other. Thus, consumers are able to have a vision of the company’s leadership, product and professional relationships.

The risks of this strategy

But what about the risks of this association? What this famous person does in his personal life can impact the brand’s image. Communication noise can always happen and the greater the participation of this famous person in the brand, the greater the risk that the brand runs of having the company’s image tied to the controversies involving this person.

There is the famous case of the jewelry brand H. Stern that canceled the advertising campaign with Kate Moss, after the model appeared on the cover of the Daily Mirror newspaper, being caught using drugs, in 2005.

There are risks of working on the image of a famous person and his behavior being different from the one sold by the brand, it is the risk X return ratio. On the other hand, if the icon’s conduct follows the company’s values, the greater is the probability of transferring the positive aspects of the famous person to the brand.

This is the biggest strategy ever made by a Global Brand with a Brazilian artist. The expectations in the market and marketers are high, now it’s just a matter of waiting and seeing and learning as much as possible with this promising strategy.